Raspbery PI with HDMI

Today, I was testing my RPi, just to check that “everything is alright”. I bought a cheap 1A/5V micro usb power supply from china (from a well known auction website) and writed the official raspbian image. I plugged my new VGA/HDMI flat screen, and booted the RPi. Then…. nothing.

Actualy, to make it works, I had to modify the config.txt file, as said by Aptoitos on the website rs-online :


After adding and uncommenting those lines in the config.txt file, it worked fine (although I still have to push the auto button of my screen to tell him something great is coming from HDMI input).

I can’t tell exactly what was the problem (signal too low to be recognized, bad display mode, or something else) but then it works fine, and now I’ll have to wait for a USB keyboard :)

For more informations about which setting change what : http://www.rs-online.com/designspark/electronics/knowledge-item/what-you-need-to-get-your-raspberry-pi-up-and-running